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    About Us

    Company Profile

    Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. located in Jinggangshan Economic & Development Area, Ji’an city of Jiangxi, China. We own our GMP factory and covers 28,600 square meters. The first workshop is produce natural essential oils with six production lines, the second workshop is produce plant extract with six production lines.The company had advanced quality control center and professional R&D team, which can ensure a steady production that is in accordance with the world customer’s requirement.

    The company set production of natural flavor oils, plant essential oil,natural herbals extract, extracted from the local domestic herbals. Such as eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, patchouli. clove, ginseng extract, epimedium extract, paeonol etc. All kinds of products widely used in various fields of medicine, cosmetic, health care products, tobacco, food additives and so on. The products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries in the region.

    We insist on existed on quality developed with technology, winned with creditability principle. For the purpose of long-term high-quality products, favorable prices, the most flexible marketing mechanism. Warmly welcome new and old customers throughout the visit, friendship and cooperation, create brilliant.

    Company Culture


    the choice of essential oil products in the world


    focus on the market to create a good reputation


    unity and cooperation, happy work


    seeking truth and constant, automatic and spontaneous


    focus on big things and start with small things

    Quality Policy

    strive for survival, development and efficiency on the basis of equality

    Why Choose Us


    From planting plant to extract, with richful experience for the various usages of the essential oils.


    gmp. ISO 9001 certificate and FDA approved.

    Quality Promises:

    Plant extract,? Natural Essential Oil, Test by GC/HPLC/GCMSD

    Provide Support:

    Supply products informations and technicial service.


    Professional inspection team and advanced test equipment: GCMSD, HPLC, GC.

    Modern Production Chain:

    GMP purification workshop.

    Company History

    • 2012.3 Jiangxi baicao pharmaceutical co.,ltd loacted at Economic & Technology Development Area.
    • 2013.12 New Factory with 3600㎡plant oil extraction room completed.
    • 2015.8.12 Approved the GMP inspection a one-time.
    • 2016.3 Volatile oil approved the extract file by CFDA.
    • 2018.8 The company achieved ISO9001:2015 & FDA.
    • 2020.3 Approved the Glod Plus Supplier certificate by SGS.
    • 2021.7 The company achieved ISO9001:2015

    Company Certification

    • certificate-01
    • certificate-02
    • certificate-03
    • certificate-04
    • certificate-05
    • certificate-06
    • certificate-07
    • ISO 22000_00
    • ISO 22000_01
    • ISO 22000_02
    • 2cfaa2af
    • 062f34fa
    • 20230713174941 (1)

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