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    • CPhI China  Shanghai 2023.6

      CPhI China Shanghai 2023.6

      CPHI & PMEC China is Asia’s leading pharmaceutical show?for trading, knowledge sharing and networking. It spans all industry sectors along the pharmaceutical supply chain and is your one-stop platform to grow business in the 2nd largest pharma market in the world. CPHI & PMEC China 2023,...
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    • Welcome Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd attend the CBE Exhibition

      Welcome Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd attend the CBE Exhibition

      Skin Care, Makeup and Color Cosmetics, Fragrance, Makeup Accessories, Personal Care, Household Detergent, Nature and Health Beauty Products, Franchises and Retail Stores, Importers, Agents and Distributors. B...
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    • Use Of Essential Oils

      Use Of Essential Oils

      Contrary to popular belief these days, essential oils are used not just in aromatherapy, but also in a range of everyday articles. They are used for flavoring food and drink and for adding scents to incense and household cleaning products. In fact, the main reason for the expansion of the essent...
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    • How Essential Oils Are Extracted?

      How Essential Oils Are Extracted?

      Essential oils are highly concentrated, natural plant-based aromatic fluids that offer a wealth of benefits when used safely in aromatherapy, skincare, personal care, spiritual and other wellness and mindfullness applications. Essentia...
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    • What Are Essential Oils?

      What Are Essential Oils?

      Most essential oils are obtained through Steam Distillation. With this method the water is boiled in a pot, and the steam moves through the plant material that is suspended above the water pot, collecting the oil and is then ran through a condenser that turns the steam back into water. The end p...
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      We attend API China every session as a China golden supplier, GMP certified essential oils and herb extracts, gained good reputation from both domestic and oversea’s new and old customers because of pharmacopeia standard quality and complete service. API China is a leadi...
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